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How to Blow Circles with Hookah

How to Blow Circles with Hookah?

Smoking hookah is fun. But being able to blow smoke circles like a pro is even twice more the fun! Those that know how to blow circles with hookah might have told you how much easier it is to blow smoke rings when smoking hookah than when using other alternative ways of smoking tobacco. 
But even as it seems easier said than done, did you know you can easily master this simple skill? The good news is, there are a number of methods you could adopt. After going through them, you will be blowing smoke circles like a pro!

Start by getting the tongue out of the way

Assuming you are already equipped with a hookah pipe, start by pushing your tongue to the lowest part of your mouth and let it lay there flat. Doing this enables you to get your tongue out of the way while allowing you not to break the smoke circles you will soon be blowing.

1. Get Smoke In

As the second step, you will need to drag deep on the hooker. The benefit of using a hooker at this stage is that it allows you to get in as much smoke as possible. Doing this allows you to get the desired amount of smoke into your lungs as you need quite some amount for the next steps.

2. Form O-Shape with your Lips

The trick to doing this is imagining you are making an “O” sound or pronouncing a word with the same sound i.e. boo, moo, boot etc. Remember you are allowed to make this shape as big as you want it, so long as you are comfortable.

3. Close your Jaw Halfway

This allows you to form the ��O’ shape with your lips and helps with forming the perfect circular smoke rings.

4. Try pushing the Smoke Out of your throat

This is the final step and perhaps the hardest for many. It involves using your throat to push out small bursts of smoke while ensuring your lips remain steady. Remember, by now your tongue is still far back in your mouth and can thus push these bursts of smoke rings comfortably well. You can practice this step until you are able to produce those smoke circles like a pro.

If this seems tougher than you imagined, here’s a simpler way to How to Blow Smoke Rings Circles with Hookah

Tapping your Cheek 

You could also try blowing smoke rings by lightly tapping your cheek. 
Well, you will first have to gather enough smoke in your mouth, from the ��O’ shape and lastly use your mouth and tongue to blow out some circles as you repeatedly tap your cheek. 

So now that you know how to Blow Circles with Hookah, go ahead and have fun!